Mt Kosciuszko Print
Mt Kosciuszko Print
Mt Kosciuszko Print
Mt Kosciuszko Print

Mt Kosciuszko Print

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This vibrant depiction of Mt Kosciuszko painting, captures the majestic beauty of Australia's highest peak and the essence of the majestic mountain, featuring vibrant colors and meticulous detailing. Mt Kosciuszko art is a perfect addition to your collection, offering a visual escape to the serene beauty of the Australian Alps. Adorn your space with this awe-inspiring masterpiece, and let the snow-capped summit and vivid blue skies transport you to a world of natural wonder. Bring the spirit of Mt Kosciuszko into your home with this exclusive painting, meticulously crafted to celebrate the unparalleled beauty of this iconic landmark.

This painting come in the frame choice of Tasmanian Oak, Black White

If you have an interest in this painting please contact me

Discover this print available only through Artist Lane. Contact me for links and details regarding pricing and size options.


Ani Ipradjian’s art has appeared on a few popular television shows such as

THE BLOCK 2022 | THE BLOCK 2020  | THE BLOCK 2019

HOUSE RULES 2020 | DVine Living 2021

Ani’s Ipradjian and her art has been featured in magazines or papers such as

Grand Design magazine | Home Beautiful | Home Design | Art Edit | Art Lovers Book | Herald Sun | Manningham Leader

Ani Ipradjian, a Melbourne-based artist, is known for her unique asymmetrical abstract style inspired by nature and cityscapes. Her work, featuring luscious textures and vibrant colors, captures Australia’s native flora and landscapes. With a Diploma in Art and Design, Graphic Design, and Photography, Ani combines acrylic painting with mixed media. She predominantly uses soft pinks, calming blues, and warm mustards. Ani's art brings any room to life. 

Please feel free to contact me for private commissions. We can collaborate to create the perfect piece for your space.


or Phone 0413577668