Coastal Flower
Coastal Flower
Coastal Flower

Coastal Flower

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COASTAL FLOWER I used the traditional coastal colors to create this abstract boutique. You don't see many flowers along the beach however when I was a teenager I spent alot of time in the peninsular walking along the cliffs that lead you to the beach.

I use to imagine flowers on the beach side with the same colour pallet. So I recreated the bouquet with the colours I visualized. 

This is apart of my new collection Abstract Bouquet. 

Tasmanian Natural Oak, Black, White.

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This Painting is exclusively available through Art Lovers

Contact me for the link to purchase this piece through Art Lovers Australia

Is apart of Minimalism Look book and Exhibition.

You can also view this piece at Art Lover Melbourne Gallery.

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Address: Upstairs, 300 Wellington St, Collingwood VIC 3066

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Ani Ipradjian
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