Ani Ipradjian Art can be best described as unique. She likes to think that It represents her past present and future. Ani is best known for her Asymmetrical style and she likes to depict nature and city themes in her work.
In her early 20s Ani did some travelling around Australia which only enhanced her love of nature and the wonderful colours of Australia.
Colours and shapes used in her paintings are based Australian Suburbs,  Australian Native Flora & Nature, Australian Cities and Landscapes.
The main mediums she works with is Acrylic and mixed media with the luscious textures, shapes and colour combinations that all come together.
Ani has studied Diploma of Art and Design, Diploma of Graphic Design and  Diploma of Photography. She also has a background in printing, advertising and runs a successful family magazine based in the Manningham shire which she has had since 2009.
Ani hopes for her future is to extending her collection of original paintings and prints which come from a great knowledge of mediums, shapes and compositions. The Asymmetrical influence is highly represented thought her work and is organically balanced. 
Her inspiration comes from Orphanism derived from Cubism this movement was born in 1912. Two artists that do influence Ani are Robert and Sonia Delaunay their simultaneous design principles and colour is very appealing.  Two other artists are Wassily Kandinsky and Victor Vasarely both these artists
use abstract squares and concentric circles which have
​played a major influence behind her art.