My main primary goal is to develop a clear understanding of what my client's art needs and interests are. 

I work alongside individuals who want to add works to their personal art collection or decorative purposes and bring my personal art into your home and working together to decide that perfect piece for you.

Weather you  acquire art/commission for office buildings or a hotel to choose eye-catching pieces for its guest rooms.

A part of my service is to meet with prospective buyers help people select and acquire art/prints also show works to them in the comfort of their own home or office/corporation displaying artwork that's for sale and transporting it to buyers.

Also show you different forms of my art and different artistic techniques.

Advising on purchases, based on criteria such as theme, budget, and value; commissioning original artwork for clients, as well as existing art works and custom framing with delivery included as well.

I have a diploma in Art & Design, Graphic Designer as well as photography and all these years of study and experience has aided in selecting colour pallets and styles of art that will suit your space.

We can make selections together or you can let me know what you are after

* Colour pallet

* Style your after

* Size of artwork

* Colour of Frame

* Suit your budget

* Suit your space

This is a free service that I provide and if I can not come to your home or office space you can come to my studio/office and view all art works in my collection.

Also if you are not in the same state We can jump on skype/zoom/whatsapp and have a consult and see what you are after.


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