Cleansing your mind body and soul

Cleansing your mind body and soul

Let me ask you this...have you ever felt so tired and unmotivated that it just takes over your whole body and mind?

Sometimes days can pass and you still find it hard to shake this feeling that you have inside... Then suddenly you get your energy back and your back to being the bubbly, positive person you deserve to be!

This feeling can be so exhausting and the reality is every minute of our lives is precious, because there is not one second, minute or day we can take back and make it ours.

Sometimes I get in a little rut, and when this happens cleansing comes to mind, so this is one thing I really love to do.

Cleanse , Cleanse, Cleanse your body mind and soul, because if these three things are not  in balance we can fall apart.

There are simple things you can do, if you want you can call  them rituals, they are simple things that I do to improve my body, mind and soul. 

CLEARING NEGATIVE STAGNATED ENERGY Cleansing your mind body and soul
1. Use white sage to clear and release energy from your space. Smudging is such an important ritual of mine. I have a smudge stick that is made up of white sage and I light it up to create a glorious aroma of smoke that is used to cleanse myself and my house/office/studio space.
By walking around with this smudge stick in circular motions especially in the corners of each room. I bless my house and use positive thoughts while doing this cleansing. Each room in our house/office/business/studio has a purpose and who ever you live or work with they have an important purpose in your life to.
So wishing yourself and everyone around you positive thoughts will purify you and everyone else.

2. #Cleansing your body is not that hard and one thing I absolutely love to do is cook with lots of colour. Having a great selection of colorful veggies and delicious foods this is such a great way of honoring our bodies. Not only is it an energy of color it will be giving your body nutrients and in the process you will be purifying yourself.

​3. I believe that mirrors play an important part in cleansing and bringing an abundance of positivity into your life.
I love cleaning all the mirrors in my house. Especially the ones in the bathroom, office and studio area. While I clean them I wish for abundance. An abundance of prosperity, happiness, creativity, love, and most importantly,  only the best for myself and everyone else around me.
This process allows me to feel a great energy flowing through me and my area.
The cleaner the mirror the more powerful the cleansing.

4. Morning rituals are so important and I am a high believer that your morning schedule holds the key to your success during the day.
Even waking up an hour earlier, than everyone else in your household,  can be so productive.
Waking up at least half an hour to an hour earlier and start my day walking over to my coffee machine which
I love and making my first cup
​of coffee for the day, this is one of my favourite rituals.
The aroma of coffee first thing in the morning is one of my favourite things in the whole world and I would go as far to say that it is my happy place!.
Gratitude is so important….Practising gratitude every morning has already made a massive difference in my life.
Even spending each day thinking of three things that you are grateful for is so simple.
I find keeping a gratitude journal is easy as you can do it while you have your morning coffee, instead on going on your phone you can spend 5 minutes thinking about what you are grateful for. By writing down good things you will eventually notice so many great things that are happening around you.
I am a high believer that gratitude makes us happier, it strengthens our relationships, improves our health, helps reduces stress and in general is good for you.
Try it for 2 weeks and see how you feel!.


5. Salt plays such an important part in life. it comes from the sea and it can help cleanse and clear out energy.
I own a salt lamp that is turned on while I am cleansing my house. When you turn a salt lamp on you can smell and taste the aroma of salt in the air.
Having a Himalayan soap bath can be used to cleanse your body during a shower.
Cleaning all your window sills and placing salt on them I find brings great energy into your house or office/studio space.
This list could go on and on, however finding your own way of cleansing, can clarify your body, mind and soul.
Honouring yourself by trying one of these a week can make a huge difference in your life and give you the amazing energy you deserve.
Written By: Ani Ipradjian
copyright: aniipradjianart