2021 Here We Come!!

2021 Here We Come!

I always think there is something really special about this time of year, and there are so many reasons for this.............

Let’s start with the year 2021 this year ahead is the number 5. THE 5 YEAR is a journey of freedom, change, adventure, new experience, and learning from mistakes. ... This year will be quite an experience for you – a new experience. Its a great time to put the last year behind you and move forward with new experiences and great opportunity to turn your life n a different direction that you have not taken before and focus on what will give you freedom in your life and this will allow all the gorgeous changes to come in.

It is very important top take every opportunity that presents itself and do not let fear get in the way of your goals as this will hold you back.

How amazing is that! ‘

So the year has already started off with a positive note, wouldn't you agree?

I also feel that so many people around me seem to be so motivated  at the moment. I keep hearing about everyone's goals and dreams more than usual and this is great, because surrounding yourself with people who want to make positive changes in their lives is a rich and meaningful experience.


Like so many people around me, I entered into 2021 with a lot of goals in mind, eating better, doing my gratitude every morning, making sure I have time for myself, sleeping when I am tired well ok the list goes on and on, however,  simple goals that can be achieved is the way to go.  I say it’s best to incorporate them into your daily life to constantly improve yourself.


Colour plays such an important role in our lives, and I feel that every year is different when it comes to colours tones and shades.

In December just before New Year’s I redecorated my office.

This was something that was really overdue.


The colour scheme I had in mind was dusty pink, white for all my furniture, grey with a touch of blue, and there are so many places we can visit to get inspiration:

1 Pinterest

2. Instagram

3. Blogs

3. Interior designers/stylists  

Even designing my office around a piece of my art.. Well that's what I did…..

My office was finished before New Year’s Day and I found that it was one of the best things that I ever did!.

What a difference it has made, there is so much natural light that just fills up my space, everything is de-cluttered and has its own place.

Surrounding yourself with colours that you are drawn to there, is probably a good reason for that, it could have a lot to do with personal energy and your chakras.


Decluttering is also very important ...By de-cluttering we invite a new energy into our homes and lives and here are some tips:

  1. Spend 15 Minutes De Cluttering each day

      (Chose a space that you feel needs it)

  1. Unsubscribe from emails or pages that have no purpose in your life!
  2. Spend 10 minutes every morning before you start work deleting emails.
  3. Buy a white board and set tasks for yourself to do to de clutter

A  white board is great tool for many reasons, one thing you can start doing immediately is write your daily tasks on it.

When we de-clutter, we feel more organized and in control of our lives.

Practicing gratitude every morning has already made a massive difference in my life.

Even spending each day thinking of three things that you are grateful for is so simple.

I find keeping a gratitude journal is easy you can do it while you have your morning coffee, instead on going on your phone you can spend 5 minutes thinking about what you are grateful for.

By writing down good things you will eventually notice so many great things happening around you.

I am a high believer that gratitude makes us happier, it strengthens our relationships, improves our health, helps reduces stress and in general is good for you. Try it for 2 weeks and see how you feel!.

Setting goals.

An important step in realising this is to set achievable goals.

This is something I love to do. There are so many different types of goals we can do, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, 5 year plan the lists go on and on.

I find having a book that I can write in like a journal is great.

You can always reflect on your goals, and there is nothing better than placing a tick next to the goals you have achieved its like giving yourself a mental high-5.

A great way to set goals is SMART GOALS. There is so much information you can find online about these.

S:   Specific (Strategic and specific)

M: Measurable (Motivating)

A: Achievable(Agreed, attainable, action-oriented, ambitious, aligned with corporate goals, (agreed, attainable and achievable)

R: Relevant (Realistic, resourced, reasonable, (realistic and resourced), results-based

T: Time-bound (Traceable, Time-based, time limited, time/cost limited, timely, time-sensitive, timeframe, Testable.


Hope you all have a year to remember, and I hope you all achieve anything your heart desires.

May your 2021 be the year to remember!